Baker Polled Herefords
​Quality Built on Cow Families
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Herd Established in 1968
Welcome to Baker Polled Herefords
Baker Polled Hereford farm is located in the southern edge of the Kettle Moraine area near Lauderdale and Pleasant Lakes; halfway between Elkhorn and Whitewater.  

Thank you, Dawson Firlus, for purchasing Annie at the 
Wisconsin Hereford Sale in Lancaster, WI

We have been raising Registered Polled Herefords for the past 49 years. The time has come for us to have a smaller herd. The cattle that we are offering this Fall are all bred by us and raised by their mothers on our farm. They are a cross section of our herd. Many have the influence of our herd sire – Right Now. We are giving registration numbers so you can check their pedigrees on the AHA website or call us and we will send any additional information. The cattle will be sold private treaty and are available now. We welcome your visit, just let us know when you can come. 262-742-3205 or 262-903-0513

Our cows raise their own calves on our pastures. We raise their feed here on our farm; we do not feed antibiotics, artificial hormones or animal by-products. Our Hereford beef is noted for excellent taste and quality.

BPH 715 About Promise 356A (P43380462) Born 1-18-13 About Time and a Moler daughter who is the dam of several show winners. Bred 8-5- 17 to Churchill Red Bull. Her daughter, Promise 767E is available (below).

BPH About 863 Abigail 064X (P43084407) Born 3-15-10 A daughter of About Time/ Keepsake DOD Donor Bred to Right Now 9-10-17.

Bred Heifer
BPH 873 Right Keepsake K 612D (P43697044) Born 3-16-17 Daughter of Right Now and Keepsake Look dam, (Dam of Distinction). 2 full sisters were high sellers at the Lancaster State Sale. Pastured with Hometown 606. Observed heat 7-15-17.

Heifer Calves   
BPH 719 526 Julia 758E (P43803479) Born 3-15-17. Victor 719 & Right Now daughter. Has been shown, Nice disposition.

BPH 368 Right Prairie 763E (P43803439) Born 4-10-17 Right Now & Victor 719 daughter. She is the daughter of Prairie 368A (above) She shows brood cow already.  

BPH 4R Promise 767E (P43803413) Born 4-15-17 Revolution 4R & About Time daughter; she is the daughter of Promise 356A (above). Special cow family.

***We also have some nice steer calves for the juniors.

Service Sires
RB 29F 002 Right Now 630S P42701674  
Churchill Red Bull 200Z P43281860 1
TH 400U 32X Trump 206Z P43269879
BPH 18B Revolution Elite 607D P43697005
BPH 064X About Hometown 606D P4369701